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Are you Ready to Turns Heads with an Upfitted Truck?

You already know that STA Auto Group in Ventura, CA is your used and certified used car and truck dealership of choice. But did you know that we also offer lifted trucks? That's right. You can get a quality upfitted truck today by visiting our showroom and speaking with our dynamic sales team about a raised truck like the Chevy Silverado 1500 or the Nissan Titan XD.

What is a Lifted Truck?

Great question! We're glad you asked. While the best way to understand the difference between a standard truck and a lifted truck is to schedule a test drive at our Thousand Oaks, CA area dealership, we can certainly run over the basics here. See, it all starts with the three primary types of lift kits available:

  • Body Lift Kits: A body lift kit is specifically designed to raise your truck without changing its factory-set suspension or alignment. This gives you more clearance for activities like off-roading.
  • Suspension Lift Kits: A slightly pricier option that includes a more involved lift, a suspension lift kit will replace everything from your shocks and struts to your steering components. You'll be able to use larger tires and gain even more clearance.
  • Leveling Kits: The rear end of a truck normally sits a touch higher than the front to allow for heavy loads. A leveling kit raises the front to match. This type of upfitting is primarily done for looks and maintains the payload of your vehicle.

Should You Upfit Your Truck?

Driving a lifted truck is an option many people love. It gives you a variety of perks, including raising your ground clearance, improving your towing, allowing you a better view and clearing larger obstacles. Of course, making the boost is a wholly personal preference and some people prefer the standard look of a truck too. To learn more about lifting your truck and to see a lifted truck in person, head over to our Santa Barbara, CA area dealership today. We'll answer any questions you might have and show you some of our lifted truck options. We look forward to seeing you soon at STA Auto Group!

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